GrungettaRocks! (grungettarocks) wrote,

Behind the times, as always

Question: WiFi

If you have a laptop or netbook computer, how do you get the WiFi at places like Panera or Starbucks to work on your computer? Do you have to have something specific plugged in? Does it cost?
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Well first you would need some kind of wireless adapter for said small pc. And it would need to be set to detect wireless networks in some capacity. Mac I couldn't help with, but with Windows it is either Discover or in XP I think you can tell it to Detect wireless networks. And of course the Wireless adapter has to be turned on and functioning and blah blah blah.
If you have a wireless network at home, I imagine that using one elsewhere is accomplished in much the same way.

If you buy a $4 coffee thing, I am sure the snobbish starbucks baristas will let you in on the secrets of connectivity.
as long as you have a wireless card you are set as far as your laptop goes. make sure your wireless is turned on (not certain if you've used it before, so figured i might have to throw that in)

the connection is free. i don't think you need a password to connect. it should be an open network to connect to. your laptop will likely detect that you are in range of a network and prompt you for connection. if not, you could go to your control panel and search for internet connections.