GrungettaRocks! (grungettarocks) wrote,

Worlds Colliding!

So some friends from work and I had a "Girl's Night" tonight, following on the coattails of our night out on Friday.

For the first time in years and years and years, I tried to explain what an AMV was and what More Than Toast embodied. I tried to explain that amv's were the vehicle through which I met what they know as "those guys in DC" that I visit whenever I can. I actually pulled up a video on youtube and showed them my Kite/Peace On Earth vid. The girls actually laughed through the whole thing, and declared that it was "so Erin." I like that there is some part of me that has transcended the past decade from my old life and still represents the me of my new life. Even though I don't feel at all like the same person that I was back in those forever ago days, apparently the fucked up part of me is still inherently ME. I'll assume that's good.

Dude, how did I end up so twisted? I keep forgetting how weird I am until I watch a new batch of "normal" people get used to the uncensored version of me. Sometimes I wonder if life would be easier if I were normal. Nice and normal.
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you're cool.
Normal is a lieeee.

I am going through a similar thing now with the emerging professional life and accompanying social sphere. The trick is to remember they are more scared of you than you are of them!
It is weird to realize that all the new people I meet through lifting have issues believing I used to watch AMVs and was obsessed with Star Wars and did not date or anything until college.