GrungettaRocks! (grungettarocks) wrote,

Worlds Colliding!

So some friends from work and I had a "Girl's Night" tonight, following on the coattails of our night out on Friday.

For the first time in years and years and years, I tried to explain what an AMV was and what More Than Toast embodied. I tried to explain that amv's were the vehicle through which I met what they know as "those guys in DC" that I visit whenever I can. I actually pulled up a video on youtube and showed them my Kite/Peace On Earth vid. The girls actually laughed through the whole thing, and declared that it was "so Erin." I like that there is some part of me that has transcended the past decade from my old life and still represents the me of my new life. Even though I don't feel at all like the same person that I was back in those forever ago days, apparently the fucked up part of me is still inherently ME. I'll assume that's good.

Dude, how did I end up so twisted? I keep forgetting how weird I am until I watch a new batch of "normal" people get used to the uncensored version of me. Sometimes I wonder if life would be easier if I were normal. Nice and normal.
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